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Bozeman Safe & Lock has served the Gallatin Valley and Southwest Montana Since 1984
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Bozeman Safe and Lock
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Location & Hours

2304 North 7th Ave
Bozeman, Montana
8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday
(406) 587-8911

BSL Hardware Over 100 Locks On Display - Bozeman Safe & Lock provides customers the opportunity to see, feel, and ask questions about the many available finishes and styles of locks. Come visit us to see the latest new product updates.

Over 10,000 Keys In Stock - Bozeman Safe & Lock provides a wide variety of keys with state-of-the-art code cutting capability, meeting the key requirements of most lock applications.

Come visit us to see the latest New Product Updates.

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Electronic Security

How it works:

The brain of a security system is the alarm panel. The alarm panel is installed in a building (residential or business). Upon receiving a triggering signal like a break in or hold up, the panel seizes the phone line (some panels use internet, cellular, or radio transmissions) and calls the Central Monitoring Station. The panel sends communication data over the phone line in a specific language format. The data is processed and presented to a dispatcher at the Central Station for action. The dispatcher will, depending upon specific predetermined protocol, dispatch the police, fire personnel, and/or notify responsible parties.

Activity reported can be a burglary, fire, and/or a medical emergency, for example. Additional reporting can include signals involving a loss of power, low batteries, system failure, automatic arming and disarming, zone troubles and the like. In all cases, the Central Station will contact a pre-determined group of people on your “Responsible Party Call List”, to interact with authorities.

BSL Offers Reliable, Low Cost, UL-Listed Monitoring:

BSL has chosen a UL-Listed technology partner in the monitoring business, with a long (30 years) history of success. Among many positive achievements, EMERgency24 established the first computerized central station in the security industry, but this does not mean that you will be communicating with a voice automation system. Your contact will be live. An informed, trained person, 24/7, is available to assist authorities and your responsible parties. UL requirements include, but are not limited to, full redundancy in maintaining power, computer utilization, communication networks, natural disaster protection, and 24/7 uptime.

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