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Bozeman Safe & Lock has served the Gallatin Valley and Southwest Montana Since 1984
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Location & Hours

2304 North 7th Ave
Bozeman, Montana
8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday
(406) 587-8911

BSL Hardware Over 100 Locks On Display - Bozeman Safe & Lock provides customers the opportunity to see, feel, and ask questions about the many available finishes and styles of locks. Come visit us to see the latest new product updates.

Over 10,000 Keys In Stock - Bozeman Safe & Lock provides a wide variety of keys with state-of-the-art code cutting capability, meeting the key requirements of most lock applications.

Come visit us to see the latest New Product Updates.

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Restricted Key Systems

Bozeman Safe & Lock specializes in restricted keys and key systems. Available for existing locks or new installations, our Medeco and Keymark systems assure you of complete control of how many keys exist for your locks and who has them - a claim most other lock manufacturers just can't make! Additionally, proprietary Logic Keys by Medeco provide scheduling (eg. logic keys are scheduled to operate 7-5pm M-F) and audit trail capability (provide time/date stamp for when the key was used in the last 1000 events).

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Logic -- Digital Cylinders and Digital Keys

Logic is a new electromechanical product line that consists of digital keys and digital cylinders. Logic offers most of the functionality of more sophisticated access control systems. It includes features like scheduling, audit trails, and the ability to easily add and delete user keys. However, Logic installs without any wiring, door or frame modifications, or additional hardware. In fact, most doors can be upgraded to Logic in less than five minutes. The Logic product family includes Rim, Mortise, Key-In-Knob cylinders, deadbolts–both in commercial and residential styles–padlocks, and cam locks.


Medeco locks are made with quality craftsmanship in the USA. They protect US government and military installations, as well as universities, hospitals, banks, offices and homes around the world.

When you need high security protection, don't rely on an ordinary lock. Ask us for Medeco, the world's premium mechanical lock. We'll be happy to discuss your security needs with you and show you the full line of UL-listed Medeco locks.

Hybrid Key

The Hybrid Key is a dual technology credential that combines a mechanical blade with RFID technology (Prox or iClass). Hybrid Keys leverage HID compatible 26-bit open format RFID technology.

hybrid key


The ultimate in high security, angled cuts and our patented, restricted keyway guarantee that your keys will never be copied without your authorization. Medeco keys combined with Medeco's pick and drill resistant locks offer you excellent protection from unauthorized access. Medeco lock cylinders are available for retrofit into most brands of locks to allow quick and easy conversion to maximum key control.


Affordable key control for conventional locks as well as interchangeable core systems such as Best TM. Keymark's security leg keyway exits the lock cylinder at a unique angle assuring you that other keys won't operate - or even fit - into these locks. Keymark offers you unbeatable key control at a very affordable price.


All locks are not
created equal

Do you know the difference between ordinary locks and high security locks? It's a difference that really matters when it comes to protecting your property. We recommend Medeco high security locks because they have three vital features which other locks lack:

Pick resistance

Common pin tumbler locks can easily be picked open. Medeco has a patented and UL-listed design which makes security compromise virtually impossible.

Physical strength

Drilling an ordinary lock open is an every day occurrence. Medeco locks have hardened steel inserts strategically placed within the lock to safeguard against physical attack.

Key control

Key control is perhaps the most important aspect of a security system. Ordinary keys can be duplicated at discount stores and hardware stores anywhere. Our DBK Medeco keys can only be duplicated by us, with your written authorization. This means YOU CONTROL who has your keys.